Bruny Island Historical Society

Caretaking Bruny Island Heritage

Proposed Calendar of Events 2019-2020


Working Bees

March 2020- TBC - General check of site and clean up for Open Day. Volunteers please contact Suzanne.

OPEN DAY ON SITE – Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020


2019-2020 Meetings and Maintenance Days: 10.30am
27 July - Maintenance Day
24 August – Meeting & Maintenance
28 September - Maintenance Day
26 October - Meeting & Maintenance
30 November- Volunteer day celebration at Alonnah Hall 10-2 pm
21 December - Xmas Lunch location to be confirmed
25 Jan – Meeting & Maintenance
22 Feb- Maintenance Day
28 March- Meeting & Maintenance
25 April-Maintenance Day
23 May- Meeting & Maintenance
27 June- AGM

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History of Van Diemen's Land
James Bischoff, London 1832
Bruny Island Historical Society Collection

The Bruny Island Historical Society is a group of dedicated volunteers who share an interest in the history of the island. Some conduct research and write books about historical topics. Others maintain the historical database and catalogue the collection of items and data gathered or donated over the years since the History Society’s formation in 1987. The volunteers organised visits to historic sites on the island, as well as undertaking restoration and maintenance tasks at sites like Variety Bay.

The Courthouse History Room at Alonnah was officially opened by Mr. Peter McFie in August 1997. It is accessible during office hours on weekdays via the adjoining post office. On weekends and public holidays it is staffed by volunteers who meet and greet visitors and assist them with enquiries.

The Society welcomes all enquiries and is pleased to accept donated objects or documents relating to the history of Bruny.
Please contact the coordinator, Tracy Thomas, on 0467 709 567 or email
For research enquiries please contact Kathy Duncombe, on 62606287 or email